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My 1981 Corvette

Stock Motor

81motbef-tbHere’s a shot of the stock engine before any modifications were made. As you can see, it looks like someone puked up a big mess of wires and hoses. In my opinion there is way too much crap here, so click the link above for my idea of a better looking motor, and I’ve only just begun! On an original 1981 car the air cleaner cover should be chrome.

my81vette-tbThis is a picture of my car shortly after I bought it, gave it a bath and put some wax on it. As you can see, I live in Florida and get to enjoy my “Red C3” all year. The car has since been retired as a daily driver, but still gets driven on a regular basis.

stockint-tbThis is a shot of the interior, unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture before I cleaned it up and recovered the seats. The previous owner pretty much neglected the car and it was so bad I didn’t want to have a picture…now I could kick myself. The only non-stock items are the stereo (I still have the original) and the seat covers which are combination cloth/leather from a 1980 (the original 1981 seats were all cloth).

In 1969, I got my first ride in a brand new Monaco Orange 1969-427 big block Corvette. My parents neighbor worked at the GM design studio, and a few days after getting his new car he took me for a ride, at 150mph no less! I have been hooked ever since. Unfortunately, the ’69 was sold this past summer and I never got the chance to get pictures of it, it only had 26,000 original miles on it, and was kept in the house!

This is my first Corvette, and certainly not my last! There are links at the bottom of the next page to a list of original options that were available, and what options were on this car. I did a title search last summer and was able to find out that I am the 5th owner. Florida only keeps title information for 12 years so it took me a few months to find all the former owners, when I did contact one of them they were happy to hear the car is in good hands. And, when I contacted the first owner he still had the original bill of sale and other documentation, which I now have. The car was first purchased in Hancock, Michigan on October 27, 1981 and brought to Florida where it has been ever since. Currently the car has 104,000 original miles on it, and is all numbers matching.


Here is a list of some of the things I have had to repair and replace to make the car respectable again, so far this has taken a year and a half of hard work and lots of cash. It’s a shame how the previous owner neglected this car. All this is before any modifications were made.
 Rebuilt Carburetor  Smog Pump  Rear Y Pipe (exhaust)
 Recovered Seats  Polyurethane Bushings  Front Air Dam Support
 Valve Cover Gaskets  Washer Fluid Pump  New U Joints
 Fan Clutch  Correct Size Tires  Reseal Differential
 Stainless Steel Calipers  Brake Lines  New Radiator & Hoses
 All Transmission Seals  Distributor Cap & Rotor  Headlight Vacuum Seals
 All Weatherstrips (9)  Plug Wires  Various Trim Parts
Wheel Center Caps Heater Core Power Steering Hoses


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