C3 Shark Tank

everything you need to know

The Control Cylinder


To remove the piston rod seal, start by removing the snap ring. Then pull out the rod until it stops.


Now remove the backup lock nut, backup washer, piston rod scraper and piston rod seal.


Before you start to reassemble the cylinder, check for damage to the rod.


The piston rod scraper is now installed, as is the snap ring to hold everything in place.


To remove the ball stud, depress the end cap and remove the snap ring. Push on the end of the ball stud to remove the end plug, spring, spring seat and ball stud. Reach inside the ball stud area and remove the O-ring.


With the ball stud out, check for any damage. Look for worn spots on the ball or distortion. If any damage is present, replace the ball stud. Zip Products can help you with this. Begin the reassembly by carefully installing the O-ring in the groove.


Now replace the ball stud, spring seat, spring (with small coil end facing out) end plug and snap ring. Be sure the snap ring is properly seated.


You can refinish the cylinder by taping off the shaft, ball stud and hose openings and spraying it with Eastwood’s Under Hood Black.


After it is dry, slide the ball stud boot on, install the grease fitting in the end cap and fill it with grease. It is now ready to be installed in the Corvette.