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Heavy Duty U-Joint Caps

Until recently owners of small block automatic transmission Corvettes only had weak stamped steel U-joint caps, now Van Steel of Clearwater Florida is making CNC steel caps for C3 Corvettes. If you have a high horsepower car or just want a little added protection from breaking one of those cheap stamped caps, possibly causing major fiberglass damage, or even worse, damaging you differential I suggest you get a set of these. Art Dorsett, owner of Van Steel installed these caps on one of my trips to their shop, I don’t think there is any way these things could ever break…I would say you would probably break something else before these caps. As always Art was a pleasure to work with and did a great job installing these!
Before – Stock
Here is a picture of the stock stamped steel caps, in reality they are fairly weak and just don’t look strong enough to hold up to any punishment. (my opinion)
Inner View
After – Modification
Drivers side half-shaft with new heavy-duty U-joint cap installed.

Your old caps must be removed, then you drill out the bolt holes and retap them for the larger bolts and install the new heavy-duty caps.

Passenger side half-shaft with new heavy-duty U-joint cap installed.

Pretty stout caps look much better as well.

Inner side of half-shaft with new heavy-duty U-joint cap installed.

There is also no interferance from these caps, they are made to fit and will not rub or hit any other suspension pieces.

The entire kit from Van Steel. Enough to do both rear half-shafts includes 8 caps, 16 allen head bolts, 1 drill, 1 tap and one tap handle. Cost is $231.00

Van Steel is currently the ONLY vendor making these.