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383 Stroker Motor Project

First, you load your dining room table full of parts. Luckily I don’t have a wife to kill me for doing this.
Then you fill up one of your spare bedrooms with parts…
Then you pile up parts in your front door. Nobody visits single guys anyway, except the big brown truck of happiness.
Since I have the sidepipes I opted for the STS baffles. This shows one of the mounting points.
An inside view of the baffles, a far superior product compared to the Hooker mufflers.
Showing both mounting points for the baffles. They come with all mounting hardware and directions, it’s as easy as drilling 2 holes.
This is the STS baffle that fits into the side tubes. I plan on coating them with a product from Techline Coatings. They have a product called Satin Black that withstands 2000 deg and does not require baking. No more Jet-Hot and their terrible customer service.
Preparing the motor
This is what I started with. The motor was built locally and was in a 67 coupe, no break-in period necessary.
After a good degreasing I applied some hi-temp red.
The 400 balancer, Crane 1.50 roller rockers and a nice big Milodon 7 quart oil pan.
Sensor on the passenger side rear is for the auxillary cooling fan.
Front sensor is the coolant temp, the one over the oil filter is oil temp.
New 168 tooth TCI flexplate for a 400 crank was added using ARP bolts.
Here you can see the mini-starter installed, along with chrome dipstick and tube.
The cleaned and painted engine compartment, looks so much nicer. Tranny is a 700r4.
Make sure when putting the torque convertor in you fully seat it onto the transmission shaft.
I had a mount for the fuel pump and filter made at a local aluminum shop, cost $20
A Holley Blue electric pump and fuel filter-water seperator was added.
Braided transmission cooling lines from Bow Tie Overdrives were added for easy access and removal.