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My Plastic Corvette Models

mp1 This is a metal bodied 1964 Grand Sport made by Testors. 1/43rd scale.




mp2 This is a 1967 big block convertible made by Revell-Monogram. 1/24th scale.




mp3 This is an out of production 1980-1982 Corvette, Monogram #2404. 1/20th scale.




mp4 This is a model of the famous Owens Corning 427 race car made by Monogram. 1/24th scale




mp5 This is The Stinger made by MPC. 1/20th scale. I plan to build this model as a replica of my Corvette complete with L-88 hood and sidepipes, and engine modifications.




mp6 This is a 1969 Baldwin-Motion 427 Corvette Skip’s Fiesta Drive-in series. 1/25th scale by Revell.