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The Power Steering Pump

28 To rebuild the pump, start by cleaning it in a non-toxic solvent. It is much earier to work on a clean part than a greasy one. Mount the pump in a vise while taking care not to distort the front hub of the pump. Use a 7/8 and 15/16-inch wrench to remove the pulley […]

The Control Cylinder

19 To remove the piston rod seal, start by removing the snap ring. Then pull out the rod until it stops. 20 Now remove the backup lock nut, backup washer, piston rod scraper and piston rod seal. 21 Before you start to reassemble the cylinder, check for damage to the rod. 22 The piston rod […]

The Control Valve

1 To remove the control cylinder and the control valve, you will need a Pitman Arm or ball joint removal tool. It’s other name is a pickle fork. 2 Start the rebuilding of each component by throughly cleaning itin a non-toxic solvent parts wash. 3 To remove the control valve from the car, raise the […]

Headlight Actuator Repair

1 Start the job by removing the right and left grille sections and screws. 2 Actuate the headlamps so they are partially open. Then remove the long spring on either side of the pivot link pin. 3 Disconnect the two vacuum hoses attached to the actuator. Remove the cotter pin and slide the pivot pin […]