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Cooling System Tips

Cooling systems seem simple, right? Well, for the most part they are, but here’s something that may not be so obvious. The pressure cap serves as a relief valve so the system won’t explode as temperatures rise. The low slanted radiator in our cars presents a slightly different approach. Some models that have a remote […]

Transmission Speedometer Gear Change

When changing your rear differential gears it becomes necessary to also change the speedometer gears in the tail housing of the transmission. The job is fairly easy to do but I recommend removing the crossmember first, it makes things so much easier. Your best bet to do this job is to jack up the rear […]

700R4 Transmission Swap

TH350 to 700R4 Transmission Swap After installing 3.54 gears in the rear differential and taking a spin out on the highway I decided that the gear ratio was a bit much for highway driving. To solve this problem I am installing a 700r4 transmission, it will be a lockup torque converter type that requires no […]

Steering box removal

  It’s a fact of life – as your steering goes, so goes your Corvette. Unfortunately, the steering mechanism on your car will eventually need some work. We will take you on a step-by-step on removing your steering box from your car. Disconnect the steering box from the steering column at the rage joint. Use […]

Power Steering Repair

You back your Corvette out of the garage, and there they are-two or three red drops in the area of the power steering components. You ignore it, hoping it will cure itself. Of course, it does’nt, and soon the drops become puddles. Where are the leaks coming from-the hoses, pump, control valve or control cylinder? […]

’63-’82 Rear Suspension Removal

Sooner or later, most people end up having to remove the rear suspension of their Sting Ray/Stingray. The basic chassis is the same for ’63 to ’82 but the ’80-82 cars have a different, and possibly easier to remove, differential mounting method. Since you want to work on separate components (You don’t want to lug […]