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Rear Suspension Removal

Mounting the Differential Struts, Spring, Shocks Finished! All before and after pictures The Broken Fiberglass Spring Guldstrand Motorsports Parts Van Steel After getting the car on jack stands, remove the rear tires. Of course you will want to loosen the lug nuts before raising the vehicle, unless you have an impact wrench like I do. […]

Heavy Duty U-Joint Caps

Until recently owners of small block automatic transmission Corvettes only had weak stamped steel U-joint caps, now Van Steel of Clearwater Florida is making CNC steel caps for C3 Corvettes. If you have a high horsepower car or just want a little added protection from breaking one of those cheap stamped caps, possibly causing major […]

383 Stroker Motor Project

First, you load your dining room table full of parts. Luckily I don’t have a wife to kill me for doing this. Then you fill up one of your spare bedrooms with parts… Then you pile up parts in your front door. Nobody visits single guys anyway, except the big brown truck of happiness.   […]

Reinforcing the cargo area of your midyear/shark

With the huge area in the back of a ’63-’67 coupe, it is very tempting to let the kids sit back there or even squeeze a “so-called” adult in there when going somewhere short. However, this area has little support and was only designed with an idea of a minor amount of luggage. Putting a […]

My Plastic Corvette Models

 This is a metal bodied 1964 Grand Sport made by Testors. 1/43rd scale.        This is a 1967 big block convertible made by Revell-Monogram. 1/24th scale.        This is an out of production 1980-1982 Corvette, Monogram #2404. 1/20th scale.        This is a model of the famous Owens Corning […]